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Who We Are

Nak Nak 낙낙

Nak 낙 simply means JOY in Korean. Our brand identity is inspired by how the word, “NAK NAK”, resembles the sound of someone knocking on the door, and how it also means “we want” in Malay. When you see NAK NAK, joy will follow you

With an aim to make Korean food accessible for all, we’ve started conceptualising on a Korean-inspired Quick Service Restaurant that can bring Joy to anyone, anywhere and at anytime

With years of korean fry experience that we’ve gathered at K Fry Urban Korean, we’re bringing you Korean Fried Chicken, 100% Premium Beef Burgers, Loaded Fries, Handmade Cookies, Bingsoo and more! Fresh, simple, high-quality food at a great value, NAK NAK is a fun and lively community gathering place for everyone to have a taste of Korea. 

Stay Tuned, Joy is Coming!

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